Christina Holmes was born in Warwickshire England in 1961, credits her grandfather 
for influencing her painting. She studied a full range of the arts at college in England, 
eventually focusing on commercial graphics.

In 1992, after a twelve year career in commercial art and illustration, she relocated 
to California, and worked in marketing with a software firm. In an effort to find time 
to escape the fact pace of life in Silicon Valley, she re-kindled her lifelong passion 
for horses and learned the Western style of riding. Christina’s subsequent horseback 
adventures have provided much of the inspiration for her paintings.

“Everything about horses and the West feels natural to me,” says Christina. “Maybe 
was a cowgirl in a previous life.” Moving out West and leaving behind her much 
loved traditions, her new life in the United States drew her towards the cowboy 
culture. After starting a family in 1995, Christina focused her design talents on 
watercolors. Christina had now discovered a winning combination; being a mother 
and maintaining her creative spirit while capturing the beauty of horses and the West.

Her horseback travels have taken her to Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and California. 
Rodeos, ranches and trail rides provide the backdrop for her paintings.

Wickenburg, Arizona is the home of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum, where 
Christina has shown her work at the Invitation only show, Cowgirl Up - Art from the other
Half of the West in 2009, 2010, 2011, and will be returning for 2012. This show began 
a serious career path for Christina; She isn’t 
looking back.

Christina received “First Place” in the watercolor category at the 2008 Grand National 
Rodeo Art & Wine Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. More 
recently “First Place” in the May 2010 all media members show at the Pacific Art 
League in Palo Alto, CA. She was also one of the juried artists to show in the 41st 
California Watercolor Association National Exhibition, 2010 at the Presidio in 
San Francisco, CA.

In the fall of 2010 Christina established an Artist in Residency position at the Allegro 
Framing and Fine Art Gallery in Portola Valley, CA. Located in the center of horse 
country, it’s the perfect fit for Christina. She now showcases her art permanently 
at the gallery, in exquisite high quality frames, which she hand picks from the vast 
collection available. Christina also does private commissions and currently shows in 
Bay Area exhibitions to accommodate her busy family life although she has plans for 
a much wider audience as her children grow up.

“Layers of watercolor glazes help me to achieve the vibrant colors, while 
maintaining the translucency that watercolors require in order to glow. When 
highlights truly come to life it is often due to careful placements of the darks 
and the shadows.  Creating a successful painting is like an allegory for living 
life. If there are no dark moments, you won’t feel the joy and light as deeply.
” I live and paint with a masterpiece in mind, which is what I strive for each 
time I pick up a brush.”